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Mastercard is a credit and debit card which is one of the most popular online payment methods in the world. In 4th quarter of 2019, there have been over 926 million active Mastercard cards worldwide. Due to its acceptability and other benefits, it’s also favored inCA online casinos that accept Mastercard. They are easy to find, because Mastercard, along with Visa and eWallets, is the most widely-accepted payment platform in Canada.
Mastercard casino sites allow you to make Mastercard deposits and withdrawals either with a credit, debit or prepaid card. Before you start playing, make sure you find out which of these cards you have and which option is the best for your gambling.
Online casino Mastercard withdrawal and deposit is secure, fast and convenient, which is one of the top reasons manyCA players opt for this method for their casino payments. It usually offers the fastest withdrawal times among all other payment methods offered.
If you haven’t obtained your Mastercard yet, you can do this in the following Canada institutions: ACA Bank Canada Limited, Citibank, BCA, Kiwibank, Flexi Cards Ltd. And Westpac. If you’re from Canada, we recommend using some of these distributors for getting a Mastercard.
For players looking for most trusted online casinos, we highly recommend pick ones with Mastercard deposits and withdrawals. In this overview, we have compiled an updated list of Mastercard online casinos where you can register and pay using this method. In all of these casinos, Mastercard depositors are eligible for welcome bonus packages and other rewards.
MasterCard CasinoCA

15+ Best Online Casinos that Accept Mastercard in 2021

Online Gambling with Mastercard Online Casino

Mastercard casinos online enable you to use Mastercard as a casino deposit method, regardless of the type of card you have. All Mastercard options are supported, but it’s smart to check which type of card you have before starting your gaming. For example, if you want to limit your online gambling for real money, you should choose a prepaid casino Mastercard. For bigger deposits, use a credit or debit card. Read about all the features of these Mastercard casino options:

  1. Credit card. Credit cards are the most widely-used types of Mastercard payment options. Credit card allows you to use funds on top of your funds available, and you also pay the amount you spent at a later date. For high-rollers, deposits with credit card online casino are perfect, but make sure you stay clear of it if you can’t control your gambling.
  2. Debit card. Mastercard debit card works similarly to Mastercard credit, except the amount you spent is charged immediately and you can’t use more funds than you have available on your debit account. Therefore, online casinos that accept debit cards are a perfect combination of freedom and limitation: you can make high deposits and withdrawals, but you’re also limited so as not to lose control or go over your gambling budget.
  3. Prepaid card. Prepaid Mastercard casino deposits are a perfect way to limit your gambling budget and set an amount of cash you’re willing to spend gambling. Prepaid Mastercard cards are easy to get and you don’t need to go to a bank to get one: you can also get them in local stores, gas stations, etc. Once you spend your prepaid card amount, you can top it up again.
  4. Gift card. Mastercard gift card casino deposits work in a similar way as prepaid cards. The only difference is that prepaid cards can be used again and be topped up after use, but gift cards are done once you spend the amount available on your card. If you want to set a deposit limit for your online casino gaming and spend only that amount, use a Mastercard gift card.



There are many reasons whyCA gamblers choose Mastercard for their casino deposits and withdrawals. This payment platform has many benefits and online casinos that accept Mastercard deposits are easy to find. If you’re still unsure about using Mastercard for casino deposits, check out these pro sides:

  1. Accepted by most ofCA gambling sites. Mastercard gambling sites belong to the most popular online gaming websites in Canada because most $1 minimum deposit casinos in 2020 and 2021 are Mastercard casinos! You’ll rarely find a Canada iGaming platform or casino operator that doesn’t accept Mastercard. That means that you can use this method wherever you please and focus on other criteria when choosing your preferred casino.
  2. Large deposit amounts comparing to other options. Many deposit options have low deposit limits and are a real nuisance to high-rollers. With Mastercard casino payments, you can take advantage of some of the highest deposit thresholds among all online payment platforms. The same goes with withdrawals: if you win big, you’re most likely to be able to make a high enough withdrawal with Mastercard.
  3. Easily integrated into mobile payment apps. Another great thing about Mastercard is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be used as a payment option itself. It can be simply integrated into other third-party mobile payment apps and platforms, and then you can use these apps with your Mastercard funds. In Canada, Google Pay and Apple Pay casino sites are especially popular, and you can pay by Mastercard using these platforms.
  4. Safe transactions + support. Mastercard is a multinational fintech company, which means it’s very easy to get local support for any type of issue you may encounter. There is a special emergency Canada number in case you lose your card. In Mastercard online casinos, you can benefit from a secure and encrypted transaction, because the payment is being processed on Mastercard’s platform.
  5. CAD payments. Paying in local currency is a plus, because foreign ones can have an unfavourable exchange rate withCAD and USD/EUR/GBP. With Mastercard, you can play in a Canada dollar online casino and avoid any currency exchanges. You’ll always know the exact amount ofCA$ you have.



There are many benefits to online gambling with Mastercard casinos, but there are also some drawbacks. For some players, this is not an ideal casino payment method due to several reasons. If you belong to the group of players who prioritize no fees and extra fast withdrawals, Mastercard might not be for you. Check out the details:

  1. Fees may be applied. Mastercard belongs to the group of payment platforms which sometimes charge additional deposit and withdrawal fees. This is not the case for every Mastercard online casino, but be prepared that on some gambling sites, especially minimum deposit online casino in Canada, Mastercard may imply some associated fees. If it’s important for you, try searching for a no-fee Mastercard casino beforehand.
  2. It may not be available if you’re not from Canada. Online casino Mastercard deposits are only available in countries supported by Mastercard. Canada is one of those countries where it’s very easy to get a Mastercard, and various banks offer it, but that’s not the case with all countries where online gambling is popular. If you’re not from Canada and you come from a non-Mastercard country, you won’t be able to use this method.
  3. Withdrawals can take up to 5 days. There are payment methods and companies that offer a faster withdrawal time than Mastercard. Usually, Mastercard withdrawal casino process can take up to 5 days, while some platforms offer cashouts in under 24 hours. If fast payouts are your priority, search for instant withdrawal online casino where you can deposit with Mastercard and get cash using a fast method.

How to Make a Deposit with Mastercard Casino Online

If this is your first time making a Mastercard deposit casino, don’t worry, the process is very simple and straightforward. All you have to do is follow these steps and you’ll be ready to play in no time.

  1. Choose any iGaming operator from our list. In the first section of this overview, you can find a list of best online casino that accepts Mastercard payments. They are ranked according to their casino games providers, bonus offers, and other special casino features. We recommend to choose $5 deposit bonus casino inCA and click on the sign up button.
  2. Register and choose Mastercard as a deposit option. After you go through the sign up process where you provide a bit of your personal data, it’s time to make a payment. In all top new online casinos, Mastercard will be offered as a possible payment method in the Cashier section. Select it as your preferred payment method and enter the amount you wish the deposit. Make sure the amount is listed inCAD.
  3. Type your card details and verify the payment. You’ve listed the amount you wish to deposit and now it’s time to confirm the payment and verify that the card is yours. You’ll have to enter your name, 16-digit card code that is located on the front of your card, expiration date and a verification code that is located on the back of your card. After that, you can gamble online with Mastercard!

How to Make an Online Casino Mastercard Withdrawal

You have made your deposit, won some money playing casino games and now you want to make an online casino Mastercard withdrawal. You’ll be happy to hear that this process is even simpler than making a Mastercard casino deposit. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to the withdrawal page and type the amount you’d like to retrieve. In a Mastercard casinoCA, go to the Cashier/Payments section and find the withdrawal button. Choose Mastercard as your preferred withdrawal method and enter the amount you wish to deposit. If you still have some non-wagered bonus money on your account, you might not be able to withdraw the entire amount. Inside CA casino for real money, you’ll see the exact amount you’re eligible to withdraw.
  2. Wait for the money transfer. Now that you have asked for a Mastercard withdrawal, the process is set in motion and your funds will be available on your credit or debit card shortly. Most casinos take up to a couple business days to process a Mastercard casino withdrawal. If you’re looking for the best paying casino, look for instant withdrawal casinos on our list.

Top Online Casino Mastercard Alternatives

Mastercard is not the only online casino credit card that you can use to make payments on gambling sites. In this short overview of payment alternatives, we present some of the best options that work similarly to Mastercard. These can be used if you don’t have access to Mastercard or if you’d prefer an additional payment method:

  1. Visa
    Visa credit and debit cards are the number 1 provider of card payments in Canada and the rest of the world. Visa casinos can be easily found, just like Mastercard ones. The deposit and withdrawal process is very similar to Mastercard.
  2. American Express
    American Express is a credit card and doesn’t have a debit, prepaid or gift card option. It can be used in numerous operators like Amex casino or betting sites. If you’d like to make your casino payments at a later date than your actual deposit date, American Express might be the perfect choice. You can register for this card with your bank or a licensed distributor.
  3. PayPal
    PayPal is an online payment platform – eWallet. It allows you to connect your Mastercard, Visa, bank account, or any other funds source and use it for casino payments. The top benefits of paying in casinos with Paypal are superfast deposits and withdrawals, high limits and security. PayPal casino websites offer various bonus benefits and packages for Canada casino players.


  • What is Mastercard?

    Mastercard is a payment technology provider which enables users to make casino deposit with Mastercard. You can use it as a credit card, debit card, prepaid card or gift card, depending on your preferences. Mastercard is very popular in Canada.

  • Are Mastercard deposits safe?

    Mastercard online gambling deposits are secure and encrypted. When you deposit using this method, you will be using Mastercard’s secure infrastructure and payment process, which is one of the best in the world. For any issues or questions, you can contact Mastercard Canada customer support.

  • Are there any fees and limits?

    In some casino sites that accept Mastercard, there may be fees associated with using Mastercard for deposits and withdrawals. In other casinos, this is not the case. Find a casino that doesn’t charge fees for Mastercard payments. As for limits, they are different from one casino to the other. You can check out this info before playing by reading an overview of that casino.

  • Can I withdraw via MasterCard?

    If you deposit via Mastercard, you can have the option of withdrawing via MasterCard. In online casinos accepting Mastercard withdrawals, you’ll also find a withdrawal option. Just click on it and confirm your withdrawal.

  • Are there any MasterCard casino bonuses?

    First-time MasterCard casino depositors can redeem Mastercard casino bonus offers. These are usually bonus packages issued as bonus cash, deposit matches, free spins or other types of casino rewards. You can check out the offer of each casino on our list above.